Allie Curtin


Knowing she has never wanted to live a conventional life, Allie is a do-it-herselfer who loves all things handmade and heartfelt. She is burdened by the threat of climate change and has committed her essence to make a difference even if it is just in her own home. Moving off the grid in the hilly woods of Kentucky, she, her husband, and their new baby Roan, have committed their lives to doing better for our earth. From rain catchment water systems to solar power, and growing their own garden they plan to live a life where their impact on the earth is meaningful to themselves and valuable to others.

She, her

Healthy living and self-care
Minimalism and decluttering
DIY crafts and upcycling
Family vlogs and adventures
Child development and milestones
Zero waste lifestyle
Home & Garden
Parenting & Family
Sustainable Living


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