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I am Gaia. A fashion designer/ stylist content creator with a focus on sustainability, ethical consumerism, and upcycling. My passions include spreading awareness about the impact we make on our environment, creating clothing out of recycled materials and fabrics, being expressive through clothing styling, animals, music, beauty, and nature. I have worked with brands such as e.l.f. Cosmetics, Adobe, and Samsung to promote sustainability. I make sure to deliver authentic content to my unique and organic following, and would love to create something meaningful and impactful for your next campaign!

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I am a sustainable fashion designer/stylist and I would love to make content for your brand! Ideas I have include: making an article of clothing from the wrapper/packaging of your products, styling any clothing or accessory product, or simply talking about the benefits of your product for sustainability! I am also open to any ideas as I am passionate about spreading awareness of sustainable brands

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