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Ryan Purvis is a nature-loving, outdoor enthusiast. He’s referred to as “The Bob Ross of Hiking” for the way he can paint an image with his voice in the outdoors. He enjoys everything outdoors from a day of Snowboarding on the mountain to a 22-day backpacking adventure in the Nepalese Himalayas. Along the way, It’s all about connecting back to nature, resetting, clearing the mind, discovering your inner child, petting some moss, and getting back to the roots of being a human being. In all of his videos, you will see his “silly side” talking to trees, flowers, plants, and showing a more vulnerable side of his adventures. His main goal is to encourage everyone to get outside for their own mental health, appreciate nature, and rekindle that inner child laying dormant within. His videos revolve around Hiking, Snowboarding, Nature, Adventure, and his Vegan-Lifestyle.

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