Sophia Esperanza

Mental health and wellness, Education and empowerment, and Thrifting

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Sophia Esperanza is an animal rights activist, conscious creator and budding farmer. She’s amassed an online presence through many mediums over the years. Transitioning from a career as a model; she’s shifted the focus of her life to reflect her heart and purpose. What’s come since that decision has been : -The founding of an online plant-centric recipe space, called Elbows on the Table -The creation of Test of Time Vintage with her husband Petrice Jones -Diving into the world of biodynamic, regenerative and organic farming techniques -Sharing her journey through YouTube, to document her version of becoming an Earth Steward More than ever; she feels it necessary to challenge thought, perspective, societal / cultural norms - while safeguarding precious freedoms and sovereignty. She believes true freedom comes from reconnecting to our divine truth and being able to walk in our absolute authenticity. In love.

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