Stephanie Mandich


Hi I’m Steph ! I am 25 years old and currently working as a model and as an influencer, mainly on Instagram and Tik tok. I love doing yoga, surfing, painting, reading and spending as much time in nature as possible! I previously spent the last six years at university studying an undergraduate in chemistry and conservation biology, and a graduate certificate in environmental science. These studies stemmed from my deep rooted love and passion for looking after our planet and it’s inhabitants. To reflect this passion outside of my university degree and maintain it in my work life, I am determined to work with brands that share these same beliefs and values. I am looking to work with brands that strongly focus on the environmental and ethical implications of the products they put out. I feel extremely lucky to have the influence and reach that I do and with that, I feel strongly about using it correctly and educating my followers on the impact their purchases have on our special planet!


Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion and ethical brands
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